Ujjivan Bank Result Margins aided by lower CoF; Healthy CASA and retail deposits accretion Equity Dividend of 15%



Patel Engineering Ltd Appointed of Mr. Kishan Lal Daga, as an Additional and Whole time Director

Mr. Daga joined the Company in November 2005, as Special Director-Projects, assuming responsibilities primarily focused on spearheading business development initiatives in overseas markets. His contributions were pivotal in establishing Company’s presence and executing projects across globe. Despite retiring from his services in November 2018,

Mr. Daga has continued to contribute to Company’s success till date. Mr. Daga, who has been a part of the CMD’s Office, he currently spearheads the Contracts department, maintaining close ties with the Legal function. In this role, Mr. Daga is responsible for managing contractual affairs across all projects undertaken by the Company , while also providing oversight on legal matters

Ujjivan Small Finance Bank is an Indian bank which has shown strong profitability, with improving margins aided by lower Cost of Funds (CoF). The bank’s Current Accounts Savings Accounts (CASA) and retail deposits accretion have been healthy, indicating a robust depositor base. The growth in the bank’s book has been driven by secured products, which typically have lower risk profiles than unsecured lending.

Ujjivan Bank Result 

Moreover, the board of Ujjivan Bank has recommended a final equity dividend of 15%. This means that the bank plans to distribute 15% of its net income to shareholders as dividends, subject to approval at the annual general meeting. This demonstrates the bank’s strong financial performance and commitment to returning value to its shareholders.

Highest ever PAT at ₹ 1,281 crore for FY24; RoA/RoE at 3.5%/26.1% for FY24;
Disbursement up 11%/ 17% YoY for Q4FY24/FY24; Gross loan book up 24% YoY;
Secured book at 30.2% as of Mar’24 vs 28.4% as of Dec’23;
Asset quality continues to be healthy with GNPA/NNPA at 2.1%/0.3% & PAR at 3.5%;
Deposits at ₹ 31,462 crore up 23% YoY; CASA up 24% YoY; CASA ratio at 26.5%


  • Disbursements were at ₹ 6,681 crore/ ₹ 23,389 crore in Q4FY24/FY24 up 11%/17% YoY
  • Affordable Housing$ disbursed ₹ 730 crore/ ₹ 2,284 crore in Q4FY24/FY24 up 66%/64% YoY
  • Gross loan book at ₹ 29,780* crore up 24%/7% YoY/QoQ
  • Secured book at 30.2% as of Mar’24 vs 28.4% as of Dec’23

Collection and Asset Quality

  • Continued traction on Collections with ~99% efficiency in Mar’24; NDA collection consistently at ~100%
  •  Portfolio at risk* at 3.5% as of Mar’24; GNPA* stable to 2.1% as of Mar’24 vs 2.1% as of Dec’23;
  • NNPA* continues to be negligible at 0.3% as on Mar’24
  • Q4FY24 write-off at ₹ 65 crore; Provision coverage ratio as on Mar’24 is 87%


  • Deposits at ₹ 31,462 crore as of Mar’24 up by 23%/6% YoY/QoQ
  • CASA at ₹ 8,335 crore up 24%/10% YoY/QoQ; CASA ratio at 26.5% as of Mar’24 vs 25.5% as of Dec’23
  • Retail TD^ grew 36%/7% YoY/QoQ

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