VMware Unlocks New Opportunities for Cloud Service Providers”


 I had the chance to share updates about our new Broadcom Advantage Partner Program tailored for VMware Cloud Service Provider (VCSP) partners. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, with many VCSP Pinnacle Partners expanding their collaboration with Broadcom and numerous partners enrolling in the Broadcom Advantage Program Premier and Registered tiers.

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In the time since Broadcom’s acquisition, we’ve been working diligently with our customers and partners through this period of business transformation. Our CEO, Hock Tan, recently announced several changes to the VCSP program, based on partner feedback and in line with our goal of making VMware Cloud Foundation the top solution for driving our customers’ digital innovation.

Here are the updates Broadening the VMware Cloud Service Provider Premier Tier: We’re extending access to the VCSP Premier Tier to all existing and qualified VCSP Registered Tier partners. Additionally, Broadcom, in collaboration with our Cloud Commerce Managers, will consider special requests for qualification levels, even from partners who are yet to join the program and those facing unique regulatory limitations or specific national data requirements (such as the European Economic Area and the United Kingdom).


Increasing Access to White Label Services for VCSP Registered Tier Partners: In response to partner suggestions, we’re empowering Cloud Commerce Managers to offer white label services. This move will provide more flexibility and options to VCSP Registered Tier partners.

Extending the VCSP Registered Partner Business Transition Period: Current VCSP Registered Tier partners and former VMware Cloud Provider partners still considering their future business strategy now have until May 31, 2024, to request a special exception, sign up with a white label provider, or inform

Broadcom of their plan to depart the program. This date only marks the deadline for partners to decide their path, with each option offering additional time beyond May 31, 2024, to adopt the new program terms.

Maintaining Service Continuity for Departing Partners: Partners who decide to leave the program can continue serving their existing customers until the end of April 2025, provided they are registered with Broadcom as a VCSP Registered Tier partner. These partners will continue to receive billing and global support from Broadcom.

By integrating VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) and related solutions into their cloud and managed service offerings, VCSP partners can unlock new revenue streams. Our VCSP partners play a crucial role in helping customers derive the most value from VMware Cloud Foundation in a shorter time frame, thereby fast-tracking their transition to the cloud. We urge all partners to visit the VCSP section of the Broadcom Partner Portal to get more information about these significant changes and their respective requirements.


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