DQE’s The Psammy Show moves big into China as CCTV acquires broadcast rights

“ The Psammy Show

The Psammy Show moves big into China as CCTV acquires broadcast rights



DQE one of the world’s leading international producers and distributors of children’s animated content announced that its latest kids animated TV series

 The Psammy Show “ which is a co‐production with Disney Germany and Method Animation France has made its way to China as state broadcaster CCTV has picked up the rights to broadcast the show.

“ The Psammy Show

The show will broadcast on CCTV’s children’s channel, CCTV 14 Kids, from 9th  August . This will be a huge deal for DQ as breaking into the Chinese market could bring the show tens of millions of new young fans.

Earlier in the year DQ had entered into a distribution agreement with Cawro –a leading children’s content and
brands company, recognized in China market for high profile track record and other major
collaborations with international media conglomerates for The Psammy show.

The Psammy show premiered on  October 8th 2018 in Disney channel ,Germany quickly garnering high ratings among kids in the age group of 3‐13 years .The animated series easily exceeded Disney Channel’s channel average for that month reaching more than 500,000 kids in Germany .

The series also has begun broadcasting on Disney France and SH channel Israel while the it has been well received by broadcasters around the world .The accusation of the series is on for various regions in Asia, MENA, Europe and North and South America with the broadcast in these regions expected to begin later this year.

The entry of The Psammy show into the tough but potentially huge market in China marks the beginning of a new chapter for DQE . 

The Psammy Show is a CGI Animated TV Series 52 X 11’ which follows the adventures and escapades of five children after they unearth and befriend a sand fairy by their Uncle’s beachfront mansion. But the sand fairy in question is a green, vivacious little creature with a big attitude and an even bigger obsession with online shopping! Psammy offers to grant Cyril, Anthea, Jane, Robert and William (Baby) one wish each day. Amazing as it sounds, the children inevitably learn that each wish granted by Psammy will bring unwanted consequences, the effects of which cannot be reversed until the sun sets, or until the kids figure out a way to fix things together, whichever happens quicker!

Manoj Mishra ,COO DQE Group commented “We are very excited about The Psammy show ‘s debut broadcast on CCTV for China and are confident that the series will enthral all the young audiences in china We hope to see our brand reach to millions of kids in the country.”

Tapaas Chakravarti , CEO & MD DQE Group said We are excited to see the world of Psammy expanding across various mediums in China. The Psammy Show has successfully captured young audiences in Europe and we are sure the show will do the same in China too.”

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