Thomas Cook resort Goa
Thomas Cook resort Goa

Sterling Karwar Goa

  • Specially curated menu with local ingredients infused in popular drinks.
  • DJ‐nights, special events and value‐added packages make it the most happening resto‐bar.
  •  Sterling Karwar is an ideal base to explore Karwar and Goa from.

Sterling Holiday Resorts is a leading leisure hospitality brand, with resorts across the country in hills, beaches, jungles, waterfront, heritage, pilgrimage, adventure, and drive‐to locations. As brand that has been synonymous with providing exceptional holiday experiences, Sterling has once again pushed the the local boundaries of discovery and delight with the launch of Sterling LOCAL, a vibrant resto‐bar. The grand inauguration took place on 11 June 2023, and marked the 14th Sterling LOCAL across their resorts.

Karwar, an idyllic sea‐side city in North Karnataka, is known for its beautiful untouched beaches. Located conveniently on the highway, beside the estuary of the river Kali joining the Arabian sea – Sterling Karwar can be the ideal place for holidayers to stay and explore the region, especially South Goa, due to its proximity.
Located at Sterling Karwar, Sterling LOCAL provides a vibrant watering hole for the people of Karwar and a change of scene for the people living in South Goa – especially Cancona and Palolem – for who it is less than a 30‐minute drive away, to enjoy a lovely evening at Sterling LOCAL and follow it up with a relaxed stay overnight.

Sterling LOCAL is an innovative resto‐bar that showcases a carefully curated selection of hand‐picked local ingredients which are then skilfully blended and infused into popular global favourites, resulting in an entirely new and exciting flavour profile. Each dish and drinks has been thoughtfully crafted to showcase the rich culinary heritage of the region, ensuring that every visit to Sterling LOCAL is a celebration of all things in ‘Desi’ Style.

Among the specialty drinks available at Sterling LOCAL in Karwar, patrons can indulge in the exquisite Vodka Kokum Mojito. This exceptional blend combines Russian vodka with the quintessential Cuban punch, adding a refreshing twist with the infusion of kokum juice. The tangy flavor of the drink cuts through the sweetness of jaggery and enhances the freshness of mint, creating a truly unique experience in Sterling . Other must‐try beverages include the Panchamrut Pataka, Is tangy cocktail crafted with lime juice, gold rum, brandy and a splash of Angostura bitters, as well as the Santra Sour, a classic whiskey sour enriched with fresh orange juice, triple sec, and a squeeze of lemon juice, garnished with an orange slice to highlight the essence of ‘santra’ in the sour.’

The resto‐bar also serves speciality Karwari delicacies, especially seafood from the Karwar region, prepared by local experts.

Mr. M. Harinath, Vice President Marketing of Sterling, expressed his enthusiasm about the launch, saying, “With Sterling LOCAL, we are bringing the best of local flavours and global favourites together to create an unforgettable experience for our guests. We believe that food and beverages have the power to evoke emotions and create lasting memories, and we have brought Sterling LOCAL to Karwar for our in‐house guests and to delight the local population as well, who up until now had to travel to Goa for a happening resto‐bar.”

Sterling LOCAL at Karwar aims to provide the unique blend of culinary excellence, local charm, and warm hospitality in this area. With DJ‐nights, special events, interesting value‐added packages like a special rate for unlimited pours and a night’s stay, Sterling LOCAL with its wonderfully curated menu, is the new happening place, south of South Goa, in Karwar.

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