Infosys and MSG Networks Collaborate to Boost Knicks & Rangers Coverage Using AI Highlights Platform

Next-generation digital capability will harness the power of AI to allow MSG Networks to instantly generate and deliver Knicks and Rangers game highlights for the upcoming season
Infosys and MSG Networks Collaborate on AI-Powered Innovation for Knicks and Rangers Coverage
Infosys, a leader in next-generation digital services and consulting, has announced an artificial intelligence (AI) innovation with MSG Networks that will enhance coverage of the 2023-2024 Knicks and Rangers seasons across social platforms. The partnership includes Infosys Topaz AI, data and analytics solutions, as well as its signature ‘AI Highlights’ technology. Through a set of smart, immersive AI-powered tools, MSG Networks can now curate highlights during and immediately following Knicks and Rangers games with minimal human intervention.

Infosys and MSG Networks Collaborate

This innovative AI technology can quickly analyze a game and generate unique highlight packages that are ready to publish within minutes. It can identify individual players or video compilations of specific types of play, such as every slam dunk, assist, goal, or save from the game.
MSG Networks and Infosys Collaborate to Enhance Fan Experience with AI-Powered Highlights
MSG Networks and Infosys have teamed up to bring the fan experience to new heights with AI-powered highlights enabled by Infosys Topaz. The ‘AI Highlights’ tool can quickly provide New York fans with immediate highlights of momentous plays during Knicks and Rangers games. It can also automate the identification of key, shareable moments from the game that will increase fan engagement and drive the conversation on social media.

Head of Digital Infosys Said

Rajesh Varrier, EVP, Head of Digital Experience, Infosys, said that this innovation is reflective of MSG’s commitment to making the fan experience unparalleled. Kevin Marotta, Senior Vice President, Marketing & Research for MSG Networks, said that their fans expect immediate highlights of memorable plays throughout their game coverage, and Infosys’ AI technology will allow them to deliver these highlights quickly to their rabid Knicks and Rangers fans.
Since November 2021, as MSG’s Digital Innovation partner, Infosys continues to drive cutting-edge technological experiences for stakeholders across select MSG properties including the Knicks, Rangers and the Madison Square Garden Arena.
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