Mphasis, a company that provides IT solutions specializing in cloud and cognitive services, has announced a partnership with CoreStack, a global provider of multi-cloud governance.

Mphasis  Strategic Deal

The goal of this alliance is to provide customers with exceptional financial management and observability, leading to operational efficiency and actionable insights. CoreStack will be a crucial part of Mphasis’ Cloud Business Solutions and Agile IT Operations portfolio, which is focused on offering complete transparency to empower enterprises to optimize their CloudOps, FinOps, and SecOps operations. By utilizing CoreStack’s platform, Mphasis will implement its Operational Frameworks strategy, ensuring consistent and well-architected approaches for hybrid multi-cloud environments, including enterprise-level policy and controls monitoring, instrumentation and alerting, and comprehensive tagging using a single pane of glass management.

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Srikumar Ramanathan, the Chief Solutions Officer at Mphasis, expressed excitement about the partnership with CoreStack. He believes that by combining CoreStack’s state-of-the-art platform with Mphasis’ extensive experience in deploying and migrating key workloads, they will be able to offer their clients a comprehensive approach to further optimize their CloudOps, FinOps, and SecOps services. This approach will enable their clients to achieve unparalleled financial and operational efficiencies while maintaining complete transparency and tracking capabilities.

We are proud to partner with Mphasis, a recognized leader in IT service, to bring this transformative solution to the market,” said Suren Singh, Chief Sales and Partnerships Officer at CoreStack.

unparalleled value to their customers. Enterprises will benefit from the unique amalgamation of cutting-edge technology and years of hands-on field experience, providing them with actionable insights, financial optimization,

CoreStack offers a suite of multi-cloud, NextGen Cloud Governance module that leverage AI to provide continuous and autonomous governance for FinOps, SecOps, and CloudOps through a unified dashboard. NextGen Cloud Governance helps enterprises mitigate risk, accelerate delivery, optimize performance, and innovate faster. In addition, CoreStack offers assessments based on Well-Architected Framework, as well as custom frameworks. The solution streamlines the process of evaluating, improving, and maintaining cloud workloads across all environments, including enabling auto-remediation directly from the CoreStack dashboard.

This innovative solution will empower medium is large enterprises across various stages of hybrid cloud and platform adoption to establish a structured & mature model for optimizing their IT and business

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