TCS Joins The Living Heart Project to Create Accurate Digital Human Heart Models

Tata Consultancy Services has partnered with Dassault Systems through its Living Heart Project that unites an ecosystem of cardiovascular researchers, educators, medical device developers, regulatory agencies including US FDA, and practicing cardiologists, to develop and validate realistic digital simulations of the human heart.

The project will create groundbreaking medical solutions, including the use of heart simulation as a source of digital evidence for new cardiovascular device approvals. This includes an in-silico clinical trial that could complement the evidence drawn from clinical subjects while reducing the need for animal testing and human enrollment for clinical trials.

Digital Human Heart Models

As an industry partner, TCS will use its domain and technology expertise, and its research on the Digital BioTwin of the heart to contribute to model refinement, simulation, and technological implementation in developing and validating highly accurate, personalized digital human heart models.

The TCS Digital BioTwin is a biophysics-based high-fidelity computational model developed by TCS’ researchers, to enable investigation of the function of a particular human organ remotely and non-invasively. It helps in understanding the individual contributions of several factors and analyzes their interactions at a spatial scale. TCS has been conducting extensive research in building digital bio-twins of organs such as skin, nose, and colon. To complement this research, TCS will also collaborate with Dassault Systems and others towards the goal of a Virtual Human Twin, with a focus on select organs identified as critical for the advancement of the field.

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