Payments IT Services in PEAK Matrix Assessment 2023

Zensar Technologies, a experience engineering and technology solutions company, announced its recent recognition as a Major Contender in the Payments IT Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023 by Everest Group, a leading independent research firm.

The Payments IT Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023  a comprehensive evaluation of service providers in the payments domain, taking into consideration various factors, such as market impact, vision and strategy, delivery capabilities, and technology solutions. Zensar’s inclusion a Major Contender highlights its commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions to its clients across the payments industry.

Targeted acquisitions, investments in accelerators, and strong talent development programs have bolstered Zensar’s payments IT services capabilities & growth,” said Aaditya Jain, Vice President, Everest Group. “Recognition by clients on payments domain knowledge and the ability to optimize costs over long-term engagements have helped Zensar earn recognition as a Major Contender on Everest Group’s Payments IT Services PEAK Matrix Assessment 2023.”

With a proven track record of driving digital transformation for numerous leading financial institutions and payment service providers globally, Zensar has positioned itself as a strategic partner for businesses seeking enhanced operational efficiency, exceptional customer experiences, and seamless payment solutions.

The company’s specialized offerings in the payments domain include but are not limited to:

  • Payment Gateway Solutions
  •  Fraud Detection and Prevention Systems
  • Real-time Payment Processing
  • Mobile Wallet Solutions
  •  Blockchain-based Payment Solutions
  •  Payment Integration Services

Zensar Technologies

The Payments IT Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023 has highlighted Zensar Technologies’ ability to combine domain expertise with innovative technology, enabling clients  stay ahead in the competitive payments landscape. As the global demand for secure, efficient, and seamless payment experiences continues to rise, Zensar remains steadfast its pursuit of excellence, empowering businesses to navigate the complexities of the digital payments landscape successfully.

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