Glshan Update

Revenue from operations increased by 7.18% to ₹ 11,797.30 Mn in FY23 from ₹11,007.26 Mn in FY22. The revenue growth was led by healthy demand for products across all our segments.

EBITDA decreased by 37.41% from ₹1,521.65 Mn in FY22 to ₹ 952.43 Mn in FY23 and margins from 13.82% in FY22 to 8.07% in FY23 owing to elevated commodity prices impacting raw material and due to elevated coal prices. However, on a sequential basis, margins increased from 7.3% in Q3FY23 to 9.6% in Q4FY23.

PAT stood at ₹453.62 Mn in FY23, compared to ₹852.49 Mn in FY22 recording a decline of 46.79% due to operational factors as mentioned above and raised finance cost consequent to ongoing expansions.

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