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Himadri global specialty chemical conglomerate, announced its investment of AU$ 10.32 million in Sicona Battery Technologies.

Sicona, based in Sydney, is an innovative Australian startup specializing inhigh-capacity silicon anode technology for lithium-ion batteries. Sicona has developed next-generation battery materials technology used in the anodes(negative electrodes) of lithium-ion (“Li-ion”) batteries that enable electric mobility and storage of renewable energy. Sicona’s current generation silicon-composite anode technology delivers a remarkable 50-100% higher capacity than conventional graphite anodes and its anode materials can deliver more than 50% higher cell energy density than current Li-ion batteries. Himadri’s decision to invest in Sicona aligns with its vision to produce high quality anode materials and reinforces the company’s commitment to exploring innovative technologies in the battery material segment. The investment by Himadri will accelerate product and technology development for Sicona and expedite the commercial deployment of this technology.

The technological and advanced capabilities of Sicona align with Himadri’s vision to manufacture high-quality anode materials and opens the door for innovation in sustainability. As part of its strategic investment, Himadri will have two nominee directors on Sicona’s board, enabling close collaboration  and synergy between the two companies.

Mr. Anurag Choudhary, Chairman & Managing Director 

“We are delighted to acquire a stake in Sicona Battery Technologies. Sicona’s ground-breaking research and cost-effective & highly scalable approach to silicon anode manufacturing perfectly complements our strategic objectives.

At Himadri, sustainability forms the energy and purpose of our conduct. Sicona is working towards solving some of the most important challenges and needs of the world today. Our investment in Sicona is a strategic fit in this direction and we are extremely confident of Sicona’s team and technology and its ability to consistently innovate in the rapidly evolving battery technology landscape.”

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