The partnership aims to seamlessly integrate MasterCard’s payment solutions with Aurionpro Transit’s Automatic Fare Collection technology, simplifying mobility and enhancing the public transport experience.


Aurionpro Transit, a renowned provider of smart ticketing and payment systems, has teamed up with MasterCard to introduce a cutting-edge contactless payment method for public transport.

The partnership aims to bring advanced digital payment solutions to urban mobility, enabling commuters to enjoy a secure, fast, and hassle-free payment experience across various forms of public transportation, such as buses, trains, taxis, bikes, ride-hailing, and more.

With the partnership of Aurionpro Transit and MasterCard, commuters can now enjoy a simpler, faster, and more efficient travel experience by tapping their digital wallet paired with a MasterCard.

Master Card Digital Wallet

MasterCard’s open-loop solutions allow commuters to use the same digital wallet across all transit modes in different cities, eliminating the need for multiple cards or frequent top-ups. The partnership also benefits transit agencies and authorities by enhancing their capacity to create and implement user-friendly payment solutions, providing commuters with a seamless and convenient travel experience.

Aurionpro CEO Said

Aurionpro Transit’s CEO, Sanjay Bali, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating that they are delighted to collaborate with MasterCard, the leader in urban mobility payment solutions. The partnership demonstrates their shared commitment to driving the adoption of smart public mobility solutions, providing cutting-edge technologies and integrated ticketing and payment solutions to transport authorities and operators globally. The partnership aims to simplify and enhance the travel experience for commuters across all modes of transportation, ushering in a new era of contactless Tap n Go solutions. Bali is optimistic that the partnership will revolutionize the future of digital mobility, taking urban transit to new heights.

Mastercard Vice President Said

According to Kok Kee Lim, Senior Vice President of Government Engagement at MasterCard Asia Pacific, the partnership with Aurionpro Transit is a significant step towards realizing their shared vision for the future of urban mobility payments. The partnership aims to go beyond borders and open doors to global opportunities in the dynamic domains of mobility ticketing, micro-mobility, and payment solutions. Together, they aim to create a world where every journey is a seamless contactless experience, transforming the way people travel worldwide. With innovation and dedication as their driving forces, they aspire to pioneer advanced technologies and deliver integrated ticketing and payment solutions on a global scale.

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