Sonata Software, a prominent Modernization Engineering company, is observing substantial interest in its newly launched product, Harmoni.AI. This offering revolves around Responsible-first AI and features a range of Industry solutions, service delivery platforms, and accelerators that utilize generative artificial intelligence (AI). Sonata is currently conducting several pilot programs with Fortune 500 clients and engaging in discussions with numerous Enterprises worldwide. Harmoni.AI by Sonata, an Enterprise-scale Responsible-first AI solution, places emphasis on trust, privacy, security, compliance, and unwavering ethics. It is supported by a Data Governance and Acceleration engine, offering a choice of Industry Leading LLMs (Large Language Models) and a consulting framework that facilitates effective adoption and quicker time to market.

Sonata’s Harmoni.AI

Alfred Muthunathan, CIO of CPL Aromas, expressed excitement about advancing their Modernization journey through Gen AI and the transformative potential of Sonata’s Harmoni.AI offerings. Sonata has developed 6 Service delivery platforms, Industry Use cases, and Acceleration BOTs. Notably, they are conducting pilot programs with various customers, including Fortune 500 clients, with a focus on sectors like Healthcare and Life Sciences, Consumer Products & Retail, Telecom, Media & Technology, and Banking and Financial Services.

Rajsekhar Datta Roy

CTO of Sonata Software, conveyed pride and enthusiasm in partnering with CPL Aromas for their Modernization journey through Gen AI and harnessing the innovative power of Harmoni.AI for a competitive edge. He highlighted their engagement in multiple pilot programs with Fortune 500 clients and their proactive approach in addressing business challenges with GenAI-powered solutions, a technology that has gained significant attention globally.

Sonata’s Harmoni.AI Academy is dedicated to training engineers in the “Responsible-First by Design” philosophy. Around 20% of Sonata’s engineers are actively involved in AI initiatives, working to enable clients to harness the potential of generative AI within a framework that prioritizes trust, security, and governance.

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