ACKO Insurance Is it a Reliable Option for Your Car Insurance Needs?

Acko Insurance

“Exploring ACKO Car Insurance: A Comprehensive Evaluation of this Digital Insurer; Have you considered the advantages and drawbacks of digitization and modern technological advancements? If not, it’s high time you familiarize yourself with ACKO General Insurance. Despite being only two years in the vehicle insurance industry, ACKO has managed to establish a strong reputation and a significant customer base. Let’s dig a bit deeper to understand more about this company.”

Acko General Insurance, a private general insurance provider in India, made its debut in the competitive market in November 2016 with the innovative concept of an online-based platform. The company was granted a license by India’s Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) in September 2017.

The company presents a range of consumer products such as car insurance, two-wheeler insurance, mobile insurance, and domestic in-trip insurance. Within its car insurance offerings, the insurer provides third-party auto insurance, standalone own-damage auto insurance, as well as comprehensive auto insurance.

Varun Dua, the dynamic CEO of Acko and the driving force behind the company’s remarkable growth, ensures that all car insurance operations are efficiently executed through a state-of-the-art digital platform. In a relatively short span of just two years, the company has successfully attracted over $42 million in investments from renowned investors such as Catamaran Ventures, Accel Partners, Amazon, and SAIF Partners.

Understanding its collaborations is crucial. ACKO General Insurance has partnered with Amazon India to offer mobile insurance policies. Meanwhile, Acko has left no stone unturned in the car insurance sector. Intriguingly, the company has joined forces with Ola Cabs in over 110 Indian localities to provide in-trip insurance. The company is fully dedicated to a digital business model, where insurance policy sales occur online and claims are processed in a similar manner.

Acko Four Wheeler Insurance

Acko General Insurance Company advocates that acquiring car insurance is an easy and efficient way to protect your vehicle against unforeseen risks such as accidents, theft, fire, natural calamities, and third-party liabilities. The insurer offers both third-party car insurance plans and comprehensive car insurance policies at affordable premium rates, ensuring your vehicle is covered against a variety of damages and losses. In the event of a fatal accident or permanent disability, the company also provides personal injury coverage up to Rs. 15 lakh.

For a more tailored car insurance policy and enhanced vehicle protection, Acko General Insurance offers a range of add-on coverages. These add-ons, available at an extra cost when purchasing or renewing the insurance, extend the coverage beyond your standard policy. Add-ons offered by the insurer include zero depreciation cover, key replacement cover, roadside assistance, consumables cover, engine protection cover, outstation emergency cover, among others. Opting for an Acko plan comes with additional benefits apart from a variety of insurance plans and extended coverage, such as low premium costs, paperless door-to-door claim services, and unique plans and discounts tailored to suit customer needs.

Benefits of ACKO Car Insurance

  • Cost is a critical consideration in insurance. Many may not realize, but a commission of 20%-30% is typically added to every car insurance product, contributing to a considerable increase in the prices of insurance plans and premiums. Acko promises a significant reduction in these premiums.
  • If paperwork isn’t your thing, you’re in good company with Acko. Whether you’re purchasing insurance, renewing your plan, or filing a claim, everything can be done online, eliminating the hassle of paperwork.
  • Filing a claim might seem like a daunting task, but not with Acko as your car insurance ally. It all
  • starts with a phone call, and Acko takes care of the rest – from picking up your vehicle and getting it repaired, to returning it to your doorstep. You can simply sit back and relax in the meantime.
  • Addressing minor damages and dents could become quite costly over time. Acko takes care of these repairs and offers instant cash claim settlements for minor damages.

Car Engine Protection Cover

Covering the cost of engine servicing can be overwhelming for an individual. Integrating this add-on with your comprehensive insurance can lead to significant savings. 

It covers the expense of repairing and replacing engine parts such as pistons, connecting rods, among others. This coverage kicks in for damages caused by situations like water logging, lubricating oil leaks, gearbox damage, and hydrostatic lock. Acko Car InsuranceAcko Car InsuranceAcko Car InsuranceAcko Car Insurance

Return to Invoice Protection Cover

Incorporating a return to invoice protection cover to your comprehensive insurance plan can be highly beneficial, particularly if you’ve recently bought a car or own a luxury vehicle. This is also comparable if you live in an area with high theft rates. This add-on ensures that the invoice value of your car is preserved, which also includes the cost of your vehicle registration and the total amount of road tax paid.

Emergency Roadside Assistance

Simply incorporate this add-on cover with your comprehensive car insurance policy. Roadside Assistance (RSA) provides immediate rescue during times of need. So, what exactly does it cover?

  • Towing service. Please note: Free towing services are offered up to 50 km.
  • Flat tyre repair.
  • Emergency fuel delivery.
  • If you’re stranded due to an empty fuel tank, Acko comes to your aid with 5 litres of fuel. But this service is chargeable.
  • Immediate repair works by professional technicians are assured in case of mechanical and electrical breakdowns.
  • In case an accident has left you unable to drive, Acko sends professionals to drive you to your desired destination.
  • Bear in mind, these services are charge-free for up to 50 km.
    Immediate key service. If you’ve misplaced your car keys or locked yourself out, Acko arranges for a technician to repair and unlock your car.
  • If there are spare keys at home, the insurer sends them over. Please Note: this service is only applicable if the services are in the same city.
  • Accommodation is provided if repair works take longer than usual. In such cases, the insurer arranges for a nearby hotel.
  • However, this expense is not covered by the insurance company.
    Cab services are ensured if your vehicle can’t be repaired on the spot. This is provided as an alternative mode of transportation.
  • Spare parts for your vehicle are delivered in the event of an accident. These will be shipped to your location. However, this service is chargeable. Yahoo

Is the ACKO Insurance a Good Insurance Company?

Acko Insurance is a trusted and esteemed company offering car insurance policies tailored to meet the needs of individuals. They boast a claim-settlement ratio exceeding 82.35%. Acko has been paving the way in helping drivers secure affordable rates, proving itself as an innovative provider over the years.

At Acko, a diversity of plans are available to cater to drivers with varying needs. We provide both liability and full-coverage options, alongside 24/7 customer service via our website and phone line. We also offer a host of discounts to help you economize on your insurance policy. These include special rates for students, military personnel, and conscientious drivers.

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