Coforge is excited to partner with FundMore to deliver this game-changing solution to the market.

FundMore, an award-winning mortgage underwriting software, has partnered with Coforge Limited a global digital services, solutions and business operations provider, to develop a state-of-the-art platform designed to automate QC, risk management and regulatory compliance in the mortgage industry.

The mortgage industry is subject to heightened regulatory scrutiny, requiring efficient and accurate loan production. As a result, quality control and compliance have emerged as top priorities for financial institutions. Compliance automation has emerged as a game-changing solution, offering transformative benefits that address the challenges faced by the industry, propelling it toward greater efficiency, accuracy, and transparency

QC automation substantially reduces the time and effort needed for reviewing loan files using OCR technology, rules engines and automated workflows. This leads to more holistic, efficient, and accurate QC and compliance processes. It enables financial institutions to conduct comprehensive audits and implement quality control measures, ensuring every relevant data point is considered during quality reviews. By leveraging advanced technology, the partnership empowers financial institutions to enhance the overall efficiency of their quality control and compliance processes.

Multi-award winning, FundMore’s industry recognitions include:

  • 2021 Canadian Mortgage Awards Finalist;
  • Go Global Awards Winner;
  •  2021 Top Placer Award Winner;
  •  Best AI-Driven Automated Underwriting Software 2021 by Corporate Vision Nominee;
  •  Canadian Proptech Innovation Award 2021 Winner;
  •  Winner of The Next Big Thing Award by Best Ottawa Business,
  •  5-Star Mortgage Employers 2022 Winner, and more.

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